NASA chose the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) to be the sole manager of the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory.  The CASIS goal is to fully realize the unique scientific, technological and educational potential of the ISS National Lab by focusing both outwardly, toward exposing the scientific, technological and educational communities to the benefits that can come from research and operations in space, and inwardly, toward improving humankind’s well-being on Earth.  These outward- and inward-looking aspects are intertwined and will require close collaboration with NASA, other Government agencies, research and educational institutions, industry partners, and commercial entities committed to exploring the intellectual, technological and economic opportunities offered by space.

An important focus of the CASIS mission is to engage and connect to new stakeholders who have not been traditionally involved with NASA or space research.  By carefully selecting research and funding projects, by connecting investors looking for opportunity to scientists with great ideas, and by making access to the station faster and easier, CASIS will drive scientific inquiry toward developing groundbreaking new technologies and products that will tangibly affect our lives.

CASIS is located at KSC in the Space Life Sciences Lab (SLSL).  The SLSL is a world-class laboratory funded by the State of Florida.  This facility, which opened for business in 2003, has all the capability and systems necessary to host ISS experiment processing as well as associated biological and life sciences research.  The SLSL is the initial phase of a new 400-acre Research and Technology Park at KSC named “Exploration Park”, which is being developed by Space Florida.  The park provides an ideal location for businesses and research groups with a need for close proximity to the launch and landing facilities and technical capabilities at KSC.