Emerging Markets

An engineer conducts testing of the Molten Regolith Electrolysis (MRE) inside a laboratory in the Neil A. Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Aug. 30, 2022. This is a high-temperature electrolytic process which aims to extract oxygen from the simulated lunar regolith. Extraction of oxygen on the lunar surface is critical to the agency’s Artemis program. Oxygen extracted from the Moon can be utilized for propellent to NASA’s lunar landers., breathable oxygen for astronauts, and a variety of other industrial and scientific applications for NASA’s future missions to the Moon.

Space technology has applications that extend across multiple markets and arenas, and the KSC team is looking for opportunities to collaborate with businesses and universities to take advantage of this potential. 

The 40-plus laboratories at KSC provide research and development in the fields of chemistry, surface systems, physics, electrical and electronics systems, fluids, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, information technology and communications.  The skills available and the innovations developed in those labs are diverse, and many have uses outside of spaceflight.  Examples include chemochromic tape used for detecting hydrogen leaks, a new state-of-the art lightning detection system, new environmental remediation methods, high-efficiency insulation systems and cryogenic life support systems that can be used in closed environments such as underground mining operations.

In addition to facilitating the transfer of new technology to outside customers, NASA is targeting certain markets for collaboration, including space tourism and next-generation renewable energy.  These efforts are part of NASA’s goal to foster the integration of new technologies and support industries that bring about healthy growth in the space economy.  Please contact us to explore how your organization can partner with KSC in this effort. To contact Deep Space Logistics CLICK HERE.

Please contact us to explore how your organization can partner with KSC in this effort: