International Space Station Cargo Delivery

Spacecraft and Payloads

Kennedy Space Center (KSC) offers unparalleled services for processing and launching payloads into space.  Whether it is a small cubesat, a large satellite, humans or deep space spacecraft, KSC has the facilities and expertise needed to safely and successfully test and prepare your payload for a variety of launch platforms.

The range of resources available includes, a workforce trained under rigid quality and safety standards, an experienced payload engineering staff, advanced life support and animal care experts, and facilities that support pressurized and non-pressurized cargo processing, testing, transport, handling, integration and recovery. The KSC team has experience covering the gamut from components and equipment for the International Space Station, to NASA science missions including the Hubble telescope, to student-designed nanosats. Take a moment to look further at our capabilities and services, and contact us to discuss how we can support your payload needs.