Shuttle Landing Facility

Suborbital Flight Systems at the Kennedy Space Center

Whether launching vertically or horizontally, Kennedy Space Center (KSC) offers a world class location for suborbital flights, with its central location on the Atlantic seaboard and its five modes of access – air, sea, highway, rail and space.  KSC also offers “one-stop-shop” support, providing all the capabilities required to successfully checkout, test and control a suborbital fleet.  Resources such as commodities (fueling/defueling), processing facilities, emergency personnel, imagery, launch/ landing facilities, plume analysis and technical expertise are only a fraction of the capabilities available to support suborbital missions.  In addition, KSC has testing and processing facilities to process payloads and experiments which are destined to fly on suborbital as well as orbital flights.  Using NASA’s decades of processing and technical expertise, the KSC team can assess your requirements to determine the optimal way to support your suborbital needs.