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Orbital Launch Vehicles

Kennedy Space Center (KSC) offers a prime location for orbital flights, with its optimal geographic position for launching missions requiring access to either equatorial or inclined orbits up to 60 degrees (north or south), and with its unmatched “one-stop-shop” support providing all the capabilities and expertise required for successful development, assembly, processing, transport & handling, integration, launch, and recovery of human and unmanned spacecraft.  Resources such as commodities (fueling/defueling), processing facilities, emergency personnel, imagery services, launch/ landing facilities, and plume analysis are only a fraction of the capabilities available to support orbital missions.  In addition, KSC has testing and processing facilities to assist with payloads and experiments which are destined to fly on orbital flights as well as suborbital flights.

No other location offers the decades of experience, the breadth and depth of expertise and support services, the full range of facilities and the optimal geographic location that are all available at KSC.

We have the capability to accommodate your launch vehicle, large or small, so contact us to explore how we can support your mission goals.

For more information on our center development efforts to transform the Kennedy Space Center Facilities, visit our Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) website.