Research and Technology

NASA KSC is home to a remarkably diverse and wide-ranging array of research and development activity that yields innovations for both NASA and non-NASA applications.  Through the Technology Transfer Office, NASA actively promotes partnerships between industry, academia, and other Government agencies to work cooperatively with KSC researchers to develop products based on KSC technology and/or to solve NASA technological needs. Partnerships also are formed when making KSC facilities available to outside users.

NASA KSC is seeking partners in joint technology development projects and technology commercialization in the following areas:

  • Storage, Distribution and Conservation of Fluids
  • Materials for Life Cycle Optimization
  • Life Sciences, Habitation Systems and Human Research
  • Remediation and Ecosystem Sciences
  • In Situ Resource Utilization and Surface Systems
  • Life Cycle Optimization of Products, Projects and Programs
  • Space Launch and Suborbital Technologies
  • Tracking, Timing, Communications (TT&C) and Navigation Technologies

For more information on KSC’s research and development activity, explore the links below, or visit the KSC Technology Transfer website.