Capabilities and Testing

While the dominant image associated with the Kennedy Space Center is a rocket lifting from a launch pad, there is a wide-ranging array of less visible but critical support services at the center that  make those successful missions happen.  These support services and testing capabilities cover everything from designing and building prototype hardware and ground system components, to testing and certifying flight hardware, to providing research and development support in the fields of biology, chemistry, surface systems, physics, electrical and electronics systems, fluids, mechanical engineering, structural  engineering, information technology and communications.

Supported by state-of-the-art instruments and equipment in multidisciplinary laboratories and facilities, KSC’s teams of scientists, engineers and technicians conceive, develop and perfect the innovative technologies that improve spacecraft processing, lower its cost and further America’s exploration goals.  In addition to serving the requirements of NASA programs, these capabilities have applications across a broad spectrum of activities, both aerospace and non-aerospace related and are available to support a variety of external customers.  

To explore how the KSC team can help you achieve mission success.