KSCs Partnership Criteria

If your business, agency or institution can benefit from the resources at the Kennedy Space Center, we would like to work with you to explore the possibilities.  In order to help guide you through the process, we have established criteria to help you assess the value and feasibility of proposed partnerships.

Detailed criteria, conditions and limitations are associated with specific opportunities, but, in general, partnerships may be appropriate if:

  • The partnership proposal is clearly aligned with the spaceport resources and activities, or the proposal contributes to the asset management responsibilities or Government-wide directives at KSC.
  • Proposed uses of KSC physical assets – Government real property – are consistent with the KSC Master Plan, current agency policy and regulations governing asset management, and demonstrate a clear and equitable benefit to KSC consistent with its contribution.
  • Proposed uses of KSC physical assets are compatible with existing and future spaceport operations and consistent with KSC environmental stewardship responsibilities and the management of lands making up the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore.