Vibration Test Lab (VTL)

Vibration Lab (VTL)

 The Vibration Test Laboratory (VTL) provides testing of articles that includes sinusoidal, random, shock, classic (half sine, saw tooth, etc.) shock response spectrum (SRS), imported pulse, superimposed – random on random and sine on random, gunfire and sine burst.  The lab provides closed loop vibration test systems typically consisting of electrodynamic shakers, instrumentation, signal conditioning, a controller and amplifier.  Video documentation, high speed data and synchronized multiplexed test records provided.  Provides acceptance and qualification testing of GSE, flight hardware, small satellites, experiments, cargo, and ISS spares and upgrades.  Work is performed in support of multi-program launch vehicle and payload processing operational activities, CxP design/fabrication activities and external customer support.  Testing also includes R&D experiments supporting analytical model correlation and engineering evaluation using Correlated Solutions VIC-3D Digital Image Correlation Measurement System and High Speed Data Aquisition Systems.   Recent laboratory upgrades include capabilities for extreme launch environments (55,000 lbf with 3” pk-pk) and simulated pyro shock (3750g SRS to 10kHz).


  • Unholtz-Dickie Model 2XSAI240-T5500-3-43 Electrodynamic Shaker System
  • Continuous rating 55,000 lbf peak, 143g max free table acceleration, 90 inches/sec maximum velocity, 3 in peak-to-peak stroke, 6’x6’ hydrostatic slip table with 6,000,000 in-lbs. of pitch moment, 36”x72” Guided expander head
  • Unholtz-Dickie Model 2XSAI240-T-1000-32LH/ST Electrodynamic Shaker System
  • Continuous rating 22,000 lbf, peak, 200g max free table acceleration, 70 inches/sec maximum velocity, 2 in peak-to-peak stroke, 48”x48” slip table with 140,000 in-lbs. of pitch moment, 48”x48” expander head
  • Unholtz-Dickie Model T208IAR Electrodynamic Shaker System
  • Generated shock force rating 10,000 lbf, 2750g max free table acceleration, 140 inches/sec maximum velocity, 0.9 in peak-to-peak shaker stroke, SRS Shock 3000g to 10 kHz
  • Correlated Solutions VIC-3D Digital Image Correlation Measurement System
  • Two IDTMotionPROY4S2 High Speed Cameras with synchronized LED lighting
  • Seven HD SDI Spy Cameras
  • Sixteen APEX Controller channels sampled up to 72kHz 12,288 Hz
  • Thirty-two addtional channels NI cDAQ-9137 sampled up to 100kHz
  • Polytec OFV-505 Single Point Sensor Head Laser Vibrometer with OFV-2500-2 Vibrometer Controller outputting velocity and displacement