Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

Environmental Microbiology Lab

The Environmental Microbiology Laboratory is a State of Florida Licensed Water Laboratory certified (under provisions of the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program [NELAP]) to perform bacteriological analyses on drinking and environmental waters. The Laboratory supports base operations by testing drinking, environmental, and recreational water samples for KSC, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, and Patrick Space Force Base.  The Laboratory provides microbiological sampling services to SpaceX, Orion, Planetary Protection Office, Science Annex–Animal Care Facility, Space Shuttle, International Space Station (ISS), Other Flight Vehicles and Flight Hardware. Air and Surface microbial sampling, Indoor Air Quality surveys, Cooling Towers monitoring services for heterotrophic bacteria and Legionella are also offered. In addition, the Laboratory may support Principal Investigator lead Life Science and Space Flight Microbial related research projects.

Flight Hardware Sampling
Working in the Environmental Microbiology Lab


  • VITEK Bacteria Identification System
  • BIOLOG Bacteria & Mold Identification System
  • Autoclave /Sterilizer (Steam)
  • Level II Biosafety Cabinets/Hoods
  • Laminar Flow Benches
  • Chemical Hoods
  • Ultra-pure Deionized Water System
  • ·-80o Degree Freezer
  • ·-20o Degree Freezer
  • Agarmatic Chemunex
  • 25o, 28o, 30o, 32o, 35o, 37o, 42degree Incubators
  • 44.5degree Waterbaths
  • 24hr wireless temperature monitoring devices
  •  SAS Digital Air Samplers
  • Membrane Filtration Manifolds
  • PCR Thermal Cycler
  • Mattsen Gavrin Sampler
  •  Zeiss Inverted Microscope
Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower Sampling