Electromagnetics Laboratory (EML)

Electromagnetics Laboratory (EML)

The KSC Electromagnetics Laboratory provides electromagnetic compatibility testing and troubleshooting, electromagnetic interference resolution, mobile and Center-wide fixed radio frequency (RF) surveillance, and general support in the field of electromagnetic physics including electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing in semi-anechoic chambers as well as in the field. The EML is staffed by personnel certified by the International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics (iNARTE). The laboratory includes a control room that is manned during major tests and is the focal point for coordinating field test and mobile RF surveillance activities. 

Additional EML Services

  • Perform Electromagnetic surveys and troubleshoot hardware if required
  • Perform pre-compliance EMI testing as needed
  • Magnetic field measurements and generation
  • Power line transient measurements and facility AC power quality analysis
  • Electrostatic discharge testing (ESD)
  • Bonding and grounding measurements
  • RF transmission line characteristics and fault detection
  • New emitter impact assessment
RF Monitoring during Space Launch System transport

Capabilities and Equipment

  • Operations control room to support KSC/Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS) launches.
  • Mobile RF Monitoring Van is equipped to perform Convoy Operations for RF monitoring of harmful RF sources. This capability also ensures identification and mitigation of any radio frequency interference (RFI) by direction finding (DF) using Angle of Arrival and Time Difference of Arrival Algorithms.
  • Three semi-anechoic chambers and RF test equipment necessary to perform electromagnetic compliance testing using MIL-STD 461 or other commercial standards.
  • Assortment of antennas/sensors, general AC Power and RF measurement instruments
  • Multiple fixed RF Surveillance systems located around KSC/CCSFS and at Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) to support launch and RFI mitigation support.