Component Refurbishment and Chemical Analysis

Component Cleaning and Refurbishment (CCR)

The CCR Laboratory provides cleaning and refurbishment for NASA programs and the KSC institution. Aerospace hardware must meet exacting performance specifications and the laboratory supports hardware processing. Component refurbishment capabilities include chemical cleaning and surface treatment (e.g., passivation, pickling, electropolishing, etc.), cleaning levels ranging from visual/commercial clean to the extremely stringent 10A, refurbishment of functional components to a “like new” condition, clean room operations (Class 100/M3.5), functional testing of components, both hydraulically (0-6000 pounds per square inch (psi)) and pneumatically (0-14,000 psi), cleaning and certification of chemical sampling equipment, and modification of fluid system components. The CRCA Laboratory maintains AS9100 Quality Systems certifications. Contractor engineering maintains an active file of over 4300 Intermediate and Depot Maintenance Manuals (IDMM’s) for various components/hardware. New IDMMs are generated/updated as required. The laboratory develops environmentally friendly cleaning processes that eliminate ozone depleting solvents. The Laboratory maintains an International Organization for Standardization 14001 certified Environmental Management System and is certified by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program for Chemical Processing.


  • Class 100 Cleanroom with separate solvent and aqueous cleaning rooms, five high pressure test cells, and one cryogenic test cell
  • Three stage ultrasonic degreasing system
  • Acid, caustic, detergent, and other chemical baths for cleaning, passivation, and pickling Electropolishing station
  • High pressure impingement cleaning station Glassware washers/dryers and drying ovens
  • IPA Cleanroom outfitted with explosion proof fixtures and equipment
  • Solvent recovery/recycling systems for Vertrel MCA, HFE-7100 and CFC-113
  • Instrumentation for pH, Nonvolatile Residue, surface tension, temperature, and toxic vapor determination
  • Two mobile solvent/chemical trailer rigs for in-place cleaning support