Advanced Imagaing and Analysis

Advanced Imaging and Analysis Lab

The AIAL provides imaging and image analysis of space flight hardware, ground operations, missions and launch for the Programs and Commercial Partners.  Imagery Analysis includes photogrammetry analysis, camera testing, data collection and storage (servers) for mission support and testing. Currently, these laboratories provide CICE Firing Room 2 console support with data transmission between the laboratories, the LCC Firing Room, Johnson Space Center, Marshall Space Center, Stennis Space Center, the NASA Imaging Reporting Database (NIRD), the Image Management Gallery (IMG), and Quick Look Storage (QLS).  Classifies the full range of  cameras, lenses, recording devices used in imaging acquisition support. Tests and characterizes end-to-end imaging systems for compatibility and performance. Development of digital imagery as a replacement for the current film based system.  Conceptual optical and imaging applications. Processing flight images for  standard and advanced image processing, enhancement, and measuring techniques.


  • Field Deployable Experiments
  • Integrating Sphere for Camera and Lens Characterization
  • LabDITSC and QLS light timer and IRIG Nixue tube display to Validate and Calibrate Camera Speeds and Accuracy
  • QuVIS Recorders to Capture and Compress HD Images for Network Transfer
  • High Speed Digital Video Cameras to Understand Performance and Benchmark to Existing Technology High-Definition Video Generator and Test Set
  • ISO Standard Resolution Charts and Filters for Camera and Lens Characterization
  • Blackbody Source to Calibrate IR Sensors
  • Course Wave Division Multiplexing System for Providing End-to-End NetworkConnections
  • Multi-Image Display System
  • Digital/Film Multi-Projection System
  • Digital Imagery Analysis H/W capability
  • 4 multi-TeraByte ceiling-to-floor size SGI Computer Data Storage rack units
  • Viewing Room with a 10 ft x 30 ft viewing screen
  • Imagica High Speed Film scanning