Propellants Containers

120 gallon
120 Gallon N2O4 Cylinder
30 Gallon
30 Gallon N2O4 Cylinder
N2O4 GPTU without Platform
N2O4 GPTU Containers
N2O4 with Platform

The one-ton N2O4 cylinder is constructed from 304 SS and has built-in valves and a dip tubes for loading and off-loading by pressurant gas. These cylinders are “standard issue” containers for Defense Energy Supply Center (DESC) at the KSC-CCAFS Defense Fuels Supply Point (DFSP). N2O4 low-iron MON-10 is typically delivered in this type of cylinder. This type cylinder is also used to return Solution to the manufacturer for recycling.

The DESC DFSP can deliver all N2O4 grades in a DOT110 cylinder, however, the DOT4BW’s are preferred due to their ease of operation for smaller delivery requirements (<1000 lbs).

DOT4BW Cylinder
DOT4BW Cylinder
Cylinder Top
Cylinder Top

There are many different sizes of cylinders available at KSC/CCAFS. All share a common heritage in with the original NASA-designated 30-gallon fuel version. DOT4BW refers to the Department of Transportation design specification under which these containers fall. They are all similar to a propane tank. All are covered by various exemptions to existing DOT specifications primarily due to being constructed of 304L stainless steel – which is not currently an authorized material for this classification of containers.

The KSC/CCAFS cylinder fleet normally stay in our area but can be transported cross-country when required to support NASA missions.


GPTUs are multipurpose portable tanks. They are pressure loaded/offloaded using either helium or nitrogen as a pressurant gas. They can be used to directly load spacecraft when connected to a propellant control panel. GPTUs are made of 304L Stainless Steel and are insulated by virtue of there double-tank design (tank-in-a-tank like a cryogenic dewar). There are ten GPTUs and they are routinely available in MMH, MPH, HPH, and N2O4low iron MON-3 service. GPTUs are available to commercial and DOD programs on a non-interference basis.