Ordnance Storage Facility (OSF)

Kennedy Space center (KSC) is fully equipped to handle, store and transport live ordnance that is used in launch operations.  The Ordnance Storage Facility (OSF) is located near the Vehicle Assembly Building and consists of an office building, a receiving/inspection building and storage magazines. The OSF is a secure facility operated under the Launch Operations Service Contract, and all live ordnance must be stored there while not installed on a launch element.

The OSF can be used by customers for ordnance storage, inspections, assembly, checkouts and kitting operations. Transportation of all ordnance within KSC is performed by the KSC ordnance contractor.

Types of Ordnance:

1.1  Classified Ordnance – explosives that have a mass explosion hazard, i.e. Linear Shape Charge

1.3. Classified Ordnance – explosives that have a fire hazard and either a minor blast hazard or a minor projection hazard or both, but not a mass explosion hazard, i.e. Booster Separation Motor

1.4  Classified Ordnance – explosives that present a minor fire hazard, no projection hazard, i.e. NASA Standard Initiator