IT Comm

KSC’s partners have access to responsive, innovative, secure, and cost-effective Information Technology (IT) and Communications services to support their business operations on center. 

The support offered by NASA’s IT Directorate includes:

  • Digital Connectivity – from KSC tenant to external commercial providers for services such as tenant-provided phone, network and data transmission services
  • Data Center Services – standardized rack housing for customer-provided equipment.  Includes equipment installation; redundant power sources; UPS and generator; network connectivity; facility monitoring, management and alert notification; secured and monitored physical access; and optional equipment touch support. 
  • Connectivity of tenant-provided commercial telephone services to KSC’s 911 service
  • Modeling and Simulation Tools and Analysis – that allows customers to better understand complex systems and environments, including:
    • Discrete Event Simulation that provides insight into operational system performance
    • Data Presentation and Visualization using 3 and 4 dimensional tools and services for dimensional data integration, distribution and preservation, as well as  modeling and analysis of complex processes to understand interrelationships and optimize for cost, risk and performance.
  • Communication/Video Services – to provide rapid, flexible, temporary data, voice and video services for field operations and remote tests