Launch Pad 39B

Launch Pad 39B, site of 52 Space Shuttle Launches, has been completely modified and upgraded to support the next generation launch systems, including NASA’s new Space Launch System. 

  • Accommodates medium to super-heavy class launch vehicles
  • New Deployable Launch Systems to support small class launch vehicles
  • Electrical power, hydraulics and water systems have been overhauled
  • New state-of-the-art communications system
  • New weather instrumentation system
  • Lightning protection system including three 600-foot-tall towers and catenary system
  • Refurbished flame trench and new multi-user flame deflector
  • 300,000-gallon water tower for sound suppression and ignition overpressure
  • 850k gallon LOX and 850k gallon LH2 storage tanks
  • Two new electric elevators
  • New Environmental Control System (ECS) for vehicle/spacecraft cooling