Launch Complex 48

Launch Complex 48

Launch Complex 48 (LC-48) is a new multi-user launch pad built to encourage and support growth of the emerging small class vehicle and small satellite industry. LC-48 is able to accommodate a variety of small class launch vehicles, including their ground support equipment.  Pad users also have the opportunity to take advantage of specialized Kennedy Space Center (KSC) services and resources that are unique to the nation’s premier multi-user spaceport.  

LC-48 Capability Overview

LC-48 has been designed as a versatile and capable launch complex to support a wide range of partners. Site features are viewable here.  

  • Multi-user architecture was designed to accommodate a wide variety of potential customer vehicles
  • First-time static fire tests and initial test flights of new vehicles are permitted.
  • Maximum gross liftoff weight is 300,000 lbs
  • Maximum vehicle thrust is 500,000 lbs
  • Command and control capability can be provided
  • Portable commodities and equipment can be provided
  • Launch Complex 48 NASA Fact Sheet

Small Class Vehicles

Detailed discussions are needed to evaluate the suitability of LC-48 for a commercial provider’s needs.