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Health Education & Wellness Program

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The Kennedy Space Center offers complimentary employee health programs to encourage each employee to take preventive and proactive actions regarding their health.


Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Screenings
Tobacco FREE KSC, Tobacco Cessation
Participation in and development of KSC Safety and Health Days (Spring)
Participation in NASA and national health & fitness events
Health topics, collaborative programs, periodic health fairs, presentations, and more health information on the following pages.
For information, contact KSC HEWP Wellness Coordinator, Brittany Freeman – email brittany.freeman@nasa.gov.

Health Education & Wellness Program - Healthy Diet

Health Education & Wellness Program - Staying Active

KSC Fitness Center

An integral arm of the HEWP, the KSC Fitness Center (KSC FC) provides multi-dimensional programs and services which encourage employee physical activity to maintain or improve health and wellness, and to prevent illness and disease. KSC FC offers complimentary membership to all employees with a KSC or CCAFS badge. Amenities include full-time trained staff, cardio and resistance machines, free weights, a group exercise room, DVDs for use, and locker rooms with shower facilities.

The KSC FC is located in the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout building (O&C bldg. M7-355), room 1514, and is open 5:30 am-7:00 pm, Monday through Friday. For information, call the KSC Fitness Center, 321-867-7829, or visit https://mescforyou.ksc.nasa.gov/FitnessCenter.