Corrosion at KSC - Star Background

Accelerated Exposure

The Corrosion Engineering Laboratory at Kennedy Space Center has the facilities and equipment to perform indoor accelerated laboratory testing to complement long-term testing.  Two salt fog and three UV chambers, as well as a humidity chamber, are available for accelerated corrosion and other materials testing.

Typically the accelerated testing is used to perform quick evaluations on new coatings and metallic test articles, as well as to qualify our chemical conversion line. Because of the lack of correlation to real-world performance, NASA does not currently use accelerated chamber testing to qualify coatings for ground support structures.

NASA KSC has the equipment and experience to conduct electrochemical testing using a variety of both AC and DC methods. NASA typically uses this equipment for evaluating coatings at distinct points during atmospheric exposure periods via electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), and determining materials compatibility of metals that will be immersed in unique aqueous solutions for the duration of their use via cyclic potentiodynamic polarization (CPP). NASA currently has 8 potentiostats for use. 

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