Kennedy Space Center Propellants and Life Support Branch

NASA-Wide Fluids Acquisition and Management

Kennedy Space Center, Propellants, and Life Support Branch is for NASA-wide aerospace fluids acquisition and management. The office manages bulk supply contracts totaling approximately $200 million contract value supporting all NASA Centers across the country.


  • Provide NASA with safe, cost effective, and reliable supply of Propellants and Pressurants.


  • Leadership in acquisition of aerospace fluids under the Consolidated Contracting Initiative, and continuing execution of technical and administrative contract support.
  • Core technical expertise in cryogens, gases, hypergols, and special aerospace fluids.
  • Knowledge of market conditions affecting availability and costs of required fluids.
  • Design, develop, procure, and implement equipment and systems for improved safety, security, quality, and efficiency of fluids acquisition, handling, storage, and delivery.
  • Monitor new program fluid requirements and develop strategies to support the addition of new government programs to current demands, and to assess the impacts of new commercial programs’ demands to current supply sources.
  • Monitor consumption and costs of major fluids used Agency-wide, and develop strategies for improved fluids logistics.
  • Represent the Agency on professional, technical, and legislative issues related to fluids logistics.

KSC Implementation Plans: