Kennedy Space Center Propellants and Life Support Branch

Controlled Storage Function

PLS operates the most diverse space flight propellants inventory and in the United States using over 100 pieces of propellants mobile equipment, two dozen facilities, and over 50 miles of high pressure pipelines. The KSC/CCAFS propellants operations contractor provides the hands-on day-to-day distribution of both NASA supply contracts delivered to KSC and the Defense Logistics Agency‘s (DLA) Defense Fuels Support Point (DFSP) commodities at KSC/CCAFS.

This tutorial is directed to all KSC/CCAFS customer activities that require propellant support at KSC/CCAFS or at local commercial processing facilities (e.g. Astrotech).

Program Requirement Document (PRD):

Program requirements are outlined in whatever detail is necessary to ensure KSC/CCAFS support to meet those requirements. Propellant requirements are defined in sections 5310 (how much of what, when, where, and container type) and 5410 (chemical purity and filtration requirements). Specify propellant type and quantity to meet your requirements in one nominal loading operation to include on-board quantity, transfer system residuals, and sample volume. The PRD should be completed several months before the first support is anticipated.

Propellant Forecast – NASA Programs:

NASA customers should submit their forecasts as described in Propellant Forecasting for NASA Programs each March.

Propellant Forecast – DOD & Commercial Programs:

DOD and Commercial customers use DLA form 858 and submit them through their internal processes and are ultimately used by Defense Logistics Agency at: DLA, Bldg 1621-K, 2261 Hughes Ave, Ste 123, Lackland AFB, TX 78236-9823

Defense Fuels Supply Point and Other Propellants:

The following propellants are routinely available from KSC/CCAFS storage and must be forecasted as described above. The latest version of the listed specification is used as noted on the specific commodity page along with delivery container types.

MIL-PRF specifications are available at:

Air, BreathingLiquid and gas, SE-S-0073, Table 6.3-29 (NASA Supplied)
HeliumLiquid and gas, MIL-PR-27407, Grade A (NASA Supplied)
HydrogenLiquid and gas, MIL-PRF-27201 (NASA Supplied)
HydrazineMIL-PRF-26536, Monopropellant and High Purity grades (DLA Supplied)
KeroseneRP-1, MIL-PRF-25576 (DLA Supplied)
MonoMethyl HydrazineMIL-PRF-27404 (DLA Supplied)
NitrogenLiquid and gas, MIL-PRF-27401, Grade A, B, or C
Nitrogen Tetroxide, all gradesMIL-PRF-26539 (DLA Supplied)
OxygenLiquid and gas, MIL-PRF-25508, Grade A and Grade F

The base propellants operations contractor also stocks various scrubber solutions, solvents, and other specialty fluids. If what you need is not listed, contact our office to determine if we can support your requirements.

Hypergolic Propellant Courtesy Container Storage:

If your program is using your own customer-owned containers, then you must follow the requirements of our Courtesy Storage Rules and submit a Courtesy Storage Request form.

Establish Financial Account:

All customers must establish cost accounts with either NASA or DLA prior to receiving propellant support at KSC or CCAFS. DLA authorizes distribution of DFSP propellants (primarily hydrazine family fuels, N2O 4 , and RP-1), therefore customers must obtain an Account Activity Code (DODAAC, FEDACC, etc.) from DLA. NASA Programs at KSC/CCAFS can use the KSC FEDAAC if coordinated the Program and PLA’s business offices. NASA Programs utilizing NASA delivery contracts must establish cost accounts through your program’s usiness office and KSC Office of Chief Financial Officer.

Propellant Delivery to your Doorstep:

After defining your requirements in a PRD and establishing a funding mechanism, place a real-time delivery request to the KSC Propellants Contractor. Provide them the When, What, Where, Who, and Task Order Number information for delivery and support. For NASA spacecraft programs, your Launch Site Support Manager can place the support request for you.

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