Kennedy Space Center Propellants and Life Support Branch

DOT4BW Cylinders

There are many different sizes of cylinders available at KSC/CCAFS. All share a common heritage in with the original NASA-designed 30-gallon fuel version. DOT4BW refers to the Department of Transportation design specification under which these containers fall. They are all similar to a propane tank. All are covered by various exemptions to existing DOT specifications primarily due to being constructed of 304L stainless steel – which is not currently an authorized material for this classification of containers.

The KSC/CCAFS cylinder fleet normally stay in our local area but can be transported cross-country when required to support NASA missions.

Note 1: Quantity listed represent total numbers of cylinders in NASA/KSC inventory. Due to maintenance and fleet optimization actual quantity in service is less.
Note 2: Additional 55 and 120 gallon cylinders are available from DESC DFSP and are routinely available to all NASA, DOD and commercial programs at KSC/CCAFS

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