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Welcome to the NASA Space Life Sciences Library (NSLSL)

The NASA Space Life Sciences Library (NSLSL) seeks to consolidate global space life sciences literature into a single database to support research that addresses the effects of the space environment on biological systems.


NASA Space Life Sciences Organizations

The library is co-funded by NASA’s Biological and Physical Sciences (BPS) division and Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and is managed by the Utilization and Life Sciences Office (UB) within the KSC’s Exploration Research & Technology program while the publications themselves exist in, and come from, the public domain and are funded by their respective institutions.

Library Purpose

The purpose of the library is to consolidate world-wide, peer-reviewed articles, technical publications, dissertations, and patent publications related to Space Life Science research into a singular, global, central repository that is accessible to the public.

Link & User’s Guide

NSLSL Public Library

The public-facing library is accessible to all space life science researchers and scientists around the globe. Here, you can search 200K+ articles related to space life science research and submit new, relevant publications to be included in the library.

User’s Guide

Visit our detailed User’s Guide as a companion tool for when performing advanced searching, using wild cards (*), saving search results, metadata field terms and definitions, as well as how to submit a new publication, and more!

Featured NASA Publications

NASA Space Life Sciences Featured Publications

Showcased below are Space Life Science related articles published by NASA Scientists and Researchers from across the Agency. Please visit the library to find additional NASA published research.

Meta-analysis of the space flight and microgravity response…

Richard Barker

Comprehensive analyses of plant hormones in etiolated pea and…

Chiaki Yamazaki

Microbiological and Nutritional Analysis of Lettuce Crops…

Christina L. M. Khodadad

Space Life Science Community

Global News

News, highlights, and featurettes of Space Life Science in action around the globe.

3D Printing, Muscle Cells, and Mold Experiments Launching to Space Station

Water Bears in Space:  If you’re not familiar with water bears, or tardigrades, they are super-tiny animals that are best known for…

Biological Research In Canisters-24: An Experiment Frozen in Time and Space

NASA-Funded Research Creates DNA-like Molecule to Aid Search for Alien Life

NASA Research will examine how spaceflight-like conditions impact telomere length, and how that in turn impacts muscle cell function

The BioScience-4 mission is the first study to investigate the multiplication of nervous system stem cells in microgravity

Growing a Smarter Model for Brain Research in Space: An investigation that sent brain organoids to the International Space Station

Research into a novel method for detecting molecular damage in astronaut DNA led to a new cancer test

Researchers Develop Better Ways to Culture Living Heart Cells on the International Space Station

Microgravity Works Wonders With Plant Transplants: Astronaut transplants pak choi in the agency’s Vegetable Production System

HRF-Veg investigation examines the behavioral health benefits of having live plants and fresh food in space

Creating New and Better Drugs with Protein Crystal Growth Experiments

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