Improving safety, efficiency, and effectiveness through modeling and simulation

Modeling and simulation tools including virtual reality environments and design visualization with human factors impacts.

Capabilities / Services

  • Human Centered Engineering of Safety Critical Systems
  • Analyze and Evaluate Life Critical System Failure Modes & Effects
  • Extend “human factors” into the workings and processes of the human mind
  • Human Centered Automation in the context of Safety Critical Systems
  • Collaborative Systems Engineering
  • Apply advanced interactive system and methods to Safety Critical System controls
  • Multi-modal Interfaces, Ubiquitous Computing, Distributed Cognition
  • Human Centered Information Flows for Socio-Cognitive Stability
5.6 Modeling and Simulation - Virtual Reality


  • For ARES I-X, collected 3D CAD models from several contractors and converted and imported into a visualization environment to simulate processing flow within VAB High Bay 4
  • Developed system and mission models and simulations for the Lunar Habitat Demonstration Unit project
  • Design Visualization (sample simulations)
    • Orion Operations
    • Orion Recovery
5.6 Modeling and Simulation - Complex Systems Integration

Equipment / Facilities

  • Labs, Shops, and Testing Facilities
  • Human Factors Tools: Human Builder, Human Task Simulations