Master Plan - Hero Background Rocket Launch


KSC’s operating models represent the Master Plan’s Implementation Strategy, enabling KSC to seamlessly transition to a multi-user spaceport.  The transition from one operating model to the next is not time-specific, but is largely dependent on federal funding, economic influences, and financial commitment from non-NASA entities.  This transition marks a dynamic culture change around KSC and the overall space industry.  Following these operating models will ensure that KSC remains the world’s premier spaceport even as the space industry continues to evolve.

KSC’s implementation strategy will rely on Construction of Facilities (CoF) projects that will help the center achieve its core strategies, particularly transitioning to facilities that are more financially and environmentally efficient.  The following operating models provide a guide for how operations at KSC can most effectively evolve to support the evolving needs of both NASA programs and non-NASA operations.

Nasa Diagram for programs