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KSC Public Websites

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Launch Services Program (LSP) Launch History


A listing of missions supported by the Launch Services Program, organized by year and by mission.

Launch Services Program Education


Through public outreach, educational support and our social media, the LSP Education &
Outreach office is working to inspire a new generation of explorers.

 Distributed Observer Network (DON)


Informational website for the Distributed Observer Network (DON) application.

 Models & Simulations


The Models & Simulations web site communicates and promotes NASA's general best practices in the
development and use of M&S and invites collaboration on these and other M&S best practices.

 LSP Launch


Information about facilities on both coasts supporting the Launch Services Program (LSP).

 Launch Services Program (LSP) Kiosk


An interactive display of rocket science and Launch Services Program (LSP) history.

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