Protecting and enhancing the environment.

Kennedy’s Environmental Program

NASA’S Kennedy Space Center Environmental Program

Mission Statement

We serve the Kennedy Space Center’s workforce with our tools and knowledge to ensure America’s “reach for the stars” protects and enhances the environment.

About Us

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Environmental Program is managed by the Environmental Management Branch (EMB), and the Environmental Assurance Branch (EAB), which is part of the Spaceport Integration and Services Directorate. The Environmental Branches have the professional capability for environmental policy development.

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Public Notices

Kennedy's Environmental Program - NEPA

NEPA Public Comments

We invite interested parties and the public to comment on documents within 30-calendar days from the date posted. We will review all comments received and consider them….

Cultural Resources Public Comments

This page contains documentation about proposed undertakings that are subject to review under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act….

Kennedy's Environmental Program - Starship Super Heavy

Starship Super Heavy

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) submitted proposals to expand its Starship/Super Heavy program operations at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC)….

SpaceX Roberts Road Operational Area Expansion

In 2018, SpaceX and NASA prepared an EA to evaluate the potential environmental impacts resulting from construction and operations associated with development of the SpaceX Roberts Road Operations Area on KSC…