KSC Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program

KSC Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program

AED Training Information

All automated external defibrillators (AED’s) are equipped with both verbal and audio cues to ensure their correct and safe application – because of this design, an AED may be used by any person with the intent of saving the life of another person who is unresponsive and shows no signs of life.

Since trained lay responders are better prepared to operate an AED than inexperienced individuals, the KSC AED Program encourages all persons to obtain appropriate training, which includes completion of a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and demonstrated proficiency in the use of an AED.

In order to achieve that goal, KSC continues to provide training for all employees who are designated, via their job description, as trained lay responders. If possible, a trained responder should operate an AED in an emergency. However, medical aid should not be delayed waiting for a trained individual to be summoned. It is good practice to know who in your area is experienced with CPR / AED and where the AEDs are located in your building (see the facility manager in your building for assistance or the AED Location table on this website).

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Since the Occupational Health Facility cannot accommodate everyone seeking training in CPR / AED, training and/or certification may be done through any nationally recognized organization, e.g., American Heart Association, American Red Cross, etc. The AED orientation PowerPoint presentation, provided on this website, details the operation and maintenance of the Philips Medical HeartStart OnSite (HS1) AED (the most prevalent AED at KSC / CCAFS). If you would like to become a certified CPR / AED Responder, you must pass a written exam and demonstrate your proficiency with an accredited instructor. For those employees who would like to prepare for a certification class, the PowerPoint presentation concludes with a practice competency test. Also, please take a moment to watch the AED “DEMO” located on the left side of the webpage, which provides guidance on how to operate the HS1.

Note: All trained CPR / AED Responders should complete a biennial refresher to validate skills and encourage self-confidence.

Requests for a “CPR / AED Awareness” presentation should be sent to: Stephen Pilkenton or Scott Praetorius