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Future Interagency Range and Spaceport Technology

Future Interagency Range and Spaceport Technology


The Advanced Spaceport Technology Working Group

The Advanced Spaceport Technology Working Group

  • Advanced Spaceport Technologies Working Group, Baseline Report, November 2003.


  • Kevin Brown, Command and Control Technologies, Carey McCleskey, NASA KSC, "National Spaceport Testbed," 37th Space Congress, Canaveral Council of Technical Societies, Cape Canaveral, Florida, 2000.


The Vision Spaceport Partnership

The Vision Spaceport Partnership Busy Spaceport

In 1998, the Kennedy Space Center entered into a Joint Sponsored Research Agreement (JSRA), the Vision Spaceport Partnership (VSP). Partners included the Ames Research Center, the Institute for Simulation and Training of the University of Central Florida, Barker-Ramos & Associates, the Boeing Company, Command and Control Technologies Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation and Science Applications International Corporation / Pat Rawlings. All parties contributed to the partnership and worked towards achieving the objectives of the agreement.

This partnership was dedicated to promoting R&D between government, industry and academia to help conceive revolutionary new spaceport architectures and space launch operations capabilities. This R&D partnership advanced the development of design tools or models for the purpose of guiding and thus advancing the state of the art in spaceport performance.

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